Opportunities for Ethical Organizations 


AppyMaps operates at both ends of the social impact sector. On the one hand, we endeavour to help conscious individuals play their part in regenerating our cities.


On the other, we want to create awareness for the action-driven organisations and brands going the extra mile. If you are a social impact organisation or brand and you have reached this page, please write to us to find out how we can help you:

- Create awareness around the cause you fight for

- Promote your products and services

- Increase your online presence


We understand these are tricky times for everyone, but with support from everyone in the social impact community, we can come through this together. We look forward to hearing from you.

How can we support you?

We help costumers find you with our social impact maps


We create genuine connections with conscious citizens with our social impact tours 


We can share and help you monetize your events, news & products with our fully working prototype app


We can build your own community app to be even closer with your followers 

How can you support us?

Tell us your impact stories to put in our maps


Be our guest entrepreneur in our social impact tours.


Be one of the sponsors of our maps and tours


Provide us with pro bono mentors or volunteers in professional areas to improve our products


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AppyMaps is a social impact aggregator platform that is mapping and raising to the next level the world's social impact ecosystem, one city at the time.

We doing this through Maps, Apps and Tours.

We are a Mission-Driven Startup that empowers Local Communities and Social Impact Business, Social Enterprises, Ethical Companies, to regenerate the Cities where they are, connecting & inspiring Conscious Citizens.

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