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How to find Social Impact Places near Me? 

Add places to social impact map of your city



We Crowdsource Content 


Our maps are a deliberate intent to connect you with all the ethical places and organisations you can find in the city you live and those you want to visit. Every single point has been crowdsourced by community members or conscious citizens that believe in a more ethical and green future.

AppyMaps is a living resource, AppyMaps is a living resource, this is why we need your contribution to keep it present and relevant. Every single action counts.

A map is a legacy between past and future generations, but the best use of it is the one we do it now. Every single action counts.

Done by communities for communities

Use the forms below to suggest a social impact place or share. The AppyMaps Community will check it and put it on the map.  If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please contact us.

How it works

1. Fill the form below (with public information only),

2. Information will be checked and validated,

3. Missing data will be added by AppyMaps team and the ethical organisation,

4. If provided, we add your name to the contribution to thank you,

5. Repeat. 

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