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Social Impact App


All out social impact alternatives around you in the palm of your hand. It is the easiest way to find out how you can make a difference! 

What can you do with the AppyMaps app

Explore the map and add new services

Join a tour

Book a place in an event 

Have a look at the news and learning resource

Buy ethical products

... and so much more!

Individual Impact starts from a single daily action and positive new habits.

You can decide which ones can be.


Learn from social impact entrepreneurs and changemakers, immerse yourself in the world of impact, sustainability, personal development and much more by using our app! 

For the moment, during this world transition period, you can join online from the comfort of your home.

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Teacher and mom

I Can finally buy on the go organic veggies for my family, wherever I am in the city.

I have just to open an app.


Graphic Designer

I can now easily find places that are doing good for my community.

 I didn't know their stories before. This is so exciting.


IT Consultant

Find events on sustainability has now become faster and painless. No more hours spent browsing the net & looking for the right one.


Uni Student

I didn't expect there were so many ethical alternatives for daily products around. 

This is Eyes-Opening


Appymaps really makes me think that conscious alternatives are everywhere if we want to find them

Bespoke community apps

Whare are the ethical places, businesses around me?

Create your own app to interact with your own social impact community.

Is it you?


Are you looking for a place online where you can share events, business, services and products of and with your community?

How can we help?


We want to help you create an app where you can do exactly this.

Fancy exploring this opportunity?

Contact us

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